Endocrine system


The name of my System is called Endocrine system. It is a widespread group of glands and organs that acts as the body’s control system and secrete chemical substances called hormones. My system has to do with almost every organ, cell, and also function in our body. The Endocrine system is instrumental in regulating mood, growth and development, metabolism, and tissue function. The Endocrine system is found in most varieties of animals. The Endocrine system is made up of glands that produce hormones, and receptors that detect and react to the other hormones.

If we didn’t have the endocrine system, our body would not be able to grow, maintain blood pressure, water balance, or activate your glands. The Endocrine system is responsible for producing 30 separate hormones. All these hormones have very distinct jobs to do. It is accountable for sexual characteristics and development It is the key player in regulating menstrual cycle and ovulation in the women.

external image 101550485.jpg just thinking about it, animals like pandas have endocrine systems too!!!

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