The muscular system is responsible not only for your movement and mobility. But also our muscular system is responsible for our energy, they give us protection and support, to move food from one organ to another. And also Muscular system allows the body to move. Muscles keep the skin taught across the body's frame, and this system allows a person to walk, run, sit, stand or lift objects. The things that make up muscular system are three types of muscle. Skeletal muscle provides body movement. Smooth muscles control automatic functions like breathing. Cardiac muscles make up the heart and allow it to pump blood through the circulatory system. The human body contains more than 650 individual muscles, which are attached to the skeleton, and provides the body with a wide range of movements. If we didn’t have any muscles then we would not be able to move our body because muscles they control our body and that’s how we move. Without muscles we would probably die.


Muscles often work in pairs so that they can pull in different or opposite directions. The cells that make up muscles contract & then relax back to its original size. Tiny microscopic fibers in these cells compress by sliding past each other like a sliding door being opened & shut again.

While this happens, calcium rises whichsends messages to the brain to regulator proteins, which pull at each other causing motion.

Muscle Contraction Slideshow