• Respiratory System

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Your respiratory system is a very import system because If we did not have this system we would not be able to use oxygen to burn fuel to produce energy, and we would die fast because all of the germs that used to be good germs would attack the vital organs.
The respirtory system is made up of the organs in your body that help you breath like the longs, Trachea, bronchi and the diaphragm.
Also the repiratory system is found in the lungs because it is always taking in oxygen for your body.
If you were wondering what the Respiratory system does it gets O2 to the body and removes CO2 on from the body via. (the lungs)


  • We lose half a liter of water a day through breathing.
  • The right lung is a little bigger then the left.
  • When you sleep you usually breath between 12 and 15 times a minute.
  • A children's breathing rate is faster than women and men.
  • When you yawn more oxygen goes into your lungs.
  • Most people in North America die from lung cancer.
  • Some people call the Respiratory system Pulmonologist.
  • The lung is the most important organ in your body.