The Skeletal System

The skeletal system is an important system,that supports the body and helps us just like the brain, helps you function and with out it you would not be able to do anything , you could possibly die without bones.Your bones are every were they support everything, there in your hands, your upper body,legs,feet, and in your head. To me your head is the most important thing in your body,because it holds your brain, your brain is the most important thing, but the skull is very very easy to break.However, the templet is very very easy to heart, if it is hit hard enough, it could possible kill you.

The bones in your hands are very strong you can do a lot with your hands,but they can break,however your wrist is super easy to break if you fall on it at a way you could break it very easy.There is a bone in your leg called the femur, this bone is very hard to break, it takes over two tons of force to break the femur.There are a lot of bones in the body most of them are very easy to break but bones like the femur are very hard to break.