FRANK AND CHUCK skeletal is AWESOME page

external image SkeletalSystemPoster-500A.jpg

The name of our system is the skeletal system. The skeletal system includes all the bones, cartilage and muscles.

The skeleton dose many things. The main thing that your skeletal system is to protect your body. Some of the things that the skeleton dose is that it has marrow inside your bones and the marrow provides blood cells. The skeleton gives your body a frame and it also provides protection for your organs. The bones also provide movement and support.

Your bones are rough organ that forms your endoskeleton. It’s made up of very strong tissue and fibers. The tissue and fibers form a matrix in your bones.

Did you know if you did not have a skeleton you would not survive, and if you did not have your skeleton you would be a bloodless blob of meat. play this if you want to play a super epic awesome game about the skeletal system this game is even better than the super epic awesome game above BUTS ITS ALSO FOR FUN