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The name of ours system is Integumentary. It’s job is to consists of the skin mostly the hair, glands, muscles, and nerves. The integumentary system is made up of epidermis and permis with numerous cell types, hair follicles and sweat/scent glands, and , hair/nails.

Integumentary is mostly found all over your body in your skin. And if you didn’t have integumentary in your skin you would die within a month.

Integumentary is one of the most important things of your body. The functions of the integumentary system is that is serves to water proof and protect your body, sensory temperature regulation and vitamin d production.
The skin is a big organ composed of all four tissue types. The skins weight is ten lbs. The integumentary system maintains a constant body temperature. It also guards the body’s physical and biochemical integrity.
The Integumentary system also provides sensory information about the surrounding environment