The name of our system is lymphatic. lymphatic is a system network that runs throughout the body, which has a lot of different functions. The main function of a lymphatic is to create immune cells. The things that make up lymphatics are small oval organs connected to the network of lymphatic vessels.

missing of lymph nodes are mostly found in the under arm, pelvis, neck,, and behind your knee. The lymph nodes act like a filtration plant, trapping, foreign substances, which are destroyed by lymphocytes produced by the lymph nodes . lymphocytes is a type of white blood cell made in the bone marrow and by the other organs of the lymph system. the lymphatic

vessels can carry lymph, which is colorless, and watery fluid that contains plasma and are appropriately enough lymphocytes.

If you scrape your knee when you fall, but not deep enough to make it bleed, or when you squeeze a pimple, you see a transparent liquid, that is what the lymph looks like. If you didn't have a lymphatic system in your body you would die, because your lymphatic system is one of the most important systems in your body. It produces white blood cells, so if you didnt have one you would die as soon as you got a cold.