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Cardio refers to the heart.Pulmonary refers to thelungs. the movement of blood that pumps/moves through the heart and supplies oxogen to the lungsis required to make the heart and lungs function.The primary purpous of the cardio pulmonary system is to give oxegen .Cardio pulmonary function is the innerrelationship between the workings of the heart and the lung organs.Your heart values lie at the exit of each of your four heart chambers and maintain one-way blood-flow.your lungs pump blood to the heart and the heart pumps blood to the rest of the body.the lungs also control your breathing,so without your lungs your heart wuold not work and you wouldn't be alive.your heart controls the rest of the blood flow to the rest of your body. When you inhale air hits the pulmonary system through the nose or mouth exhales for more oxygen.

  1. CARDIO-
  • heart
  1. CYTE-
  • cell
  • thrombocyte = clot forming cell.
  • HAEM-
  • blood
  • haematoma - a tumour or swelling filled with blood.
  • clot, lump
  • ETHRO-
  • red
  • ehtrocyte = red blood cell
  • LEUKO-
  • white
  • leukocyte = white blood cell
  • toxicity due to micro-organisms
  • septicaemia
  • VAS-
  • vessel / duct
  • cerebrovascular = blood vessels of the cerebrum of the brain.
  • HYPER-
  • excessive
  • hyperglycaemia = excessive levels of glucose in blood.
  • HYPO-
  • deficient / below
  • -PENIA
  • deficiency
  • -EMIA
  • condition of blood
  • abnormally low levels of red blood cells.