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David info about the Muscular System

The system that I’m doing is muscular system. It forces unable body to move around places and stay fit so you don’t get obsessed, and so you can get smart .The things that made up the muscular system is the same material that is in all muscle is elastic tissue, also made of small fiber that is made of thousands or hundred thousand that make a muscle in your body. You can find muscle all over your body so that’s why is so easy to see to find. If you don’t have muscle in your body you would be on the ground, and you won’t be able to move or eat, or learn. also you would look like jelly. And spend all you life lying on the ground talking. Another thing that what happen if you don’t have it is you would be too easy to touch your organ. Here are some more info there are three types of muscles they are, skeletal muscle, smooth, and cardiac muscle. I hope you like what I gave you, so that you can go to your friend or relatives or family, etc., what you have learned reading this intro paragraph. Enjoy having info about muscles.

Ramon info about the Muscular System

The name of my system is Muscular System. The Muscular System allows the body to move without it the human would be helpless, and other animals, mammals, and insects that use muscles, because to move you need strength, and what you do in life like writing, typing, and others that will need muscles it requires muscles to move your fingers, and hand it uses a certain amount of muscle fibers. So it’s important that any mammals, animals that use muscles keep in shape. The Muscular System is made up with the same material that is elastic tissue also made up of small fiber. It is found all over your body, anything that you move is right there. If you didn’t have muscles you would be a defenseless creature on the floor that is being nibbled on. Also you wouldn’t be able to eat, because for you to eat you need to kill an animal, so you would need to make a weapon and it uses muscles and to operate that weapon you need muscles, and some other weapons requires more muscles than others. Now today we have some stuff that helps us keep in shape, and to increase our muscles.